Men’s Tradition – monumental cast iron and bronze

Historic street furniture… a public water pump or postbox… you might never notice them. They were once useful, but they’ve fallen into disuse with the arrival of telephones, electricity, city water service and computers. They now bear tangible witness to our past. This heritage also has an economic value. This gives us every reason to treat them with respect or to restore them to their former glory.

Men’s Tradition is specialized in the restoration and preservation of historic street furniture such as water pumps, kiosks, park benches, fountains, lanterns, gates, fences and memorials. Our founder, Nico van Eeten, has tremendous expertise and years of experience in the craft of restoration, especially castings and forgings.

We advise municipalities, governments, businesses and individuals on the refurbishment and restoration of historic street furniture. We also inspect and maintain monuments and restore castings and forgings. We have our own forge and restoration workshop. We also supply historical and craft products such as replicas of monumental street furniture and historic building materials such as cast iron vents and gable and roof ornaments.


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